1. Pinocchio New talents nights 2012

    8th & 9th October

    G.U.U Debates Chamber

    7:30 £3 suggested donation


  2. Pinocchio 8th and 9th October G.U.U Debates Chamber 7:30pm STaG

    (via nopugintended)


  3. Acting is behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances.
    — Sanford Meisner (via musicaltheatreramblings)

  4. give it a watch, check that soundtrack its awesome!




  6. AFTER EIGHT IS GOING TO BRISTOL! Do you know anyone in or around Bristol on the 18th of June? Want to see some PHENOMENAL theatre from the likes of Warwick, Kings, Newcastle, Bristol and of course Glasgow universities? Well here’s the facebook event link https://www.facebook.com/events/458694227492994/


  7. Here’s the trailer for STaG’s fringe production - Doesn’t it look AWESOME!


  8. Alan Cumming Macbeth - Interview!

    Can you believe it! Publicity @ STaG has been lucky enough to gain a space at an exclusive social media event at the Tramway next week to promote and preview the brand new NTS production of Macbeth. 

    "Multi-award-winning actor Alan Cumming assumes every role in this radical reimagining of Shakespeare’s Scottish play.  This new version of Macbeth is presented by the National Theatre of Scotland and directed by John Tiffany and Andrew Goldberg"

    Its star Alan Cumming will be on hand for interviews as well as the directors John Tiffany and Andrew Goldberg. This is a truely marvelous opportunity, so if any of you keen STaGers have some question you wish me to forward let me know!

    I will of course Blog about my findings next week - I literally cannot wait!


  9.  STaG Presents What’s He Building In There as this years Edinburgh Fringe Festival Production.

    A wonderfully absurd, dark-comedy about a carpenter who is having an affair… with a chair. This Lynchian nightmare is accompanied by a live, original score. STaG – **** Scotsman, **** Herald (Fringe 2011). 


    Like our Facebook Page here.

    ZOO Venues
    The Avairy 
    3rd-18th August 2012
    12:00pm (50 minutes)

    Ticket Booking Available Soon!